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Yoga Büküm

Yoga is a whole that includes the exercises, behaviors, perspective on life, thoughts and formations that should be done when we choose it as a lifestyle.


In this lifestyle, it is important to use continuity, balance, stability, submission, trust, submission and inner voice as a criterion in studies.


Yoga is a teaching that helps us in all kinds of experiences, it is the best practice that gives us happiness, joy and peace as we practice, enables us to transform all the troubles we experience more easily than other people, and prepares us for a completely positive life.

Yoga, a word used to describe physical and mental disciplines originating from India, is also used for the meditative practices of different Far Eastern religions such as Hinduism1, Buddhism and Jainism.


However, Yoga is not a religion.


It does not require adherence to a particular religion.


Yoga is considered one of the six traditional philosophical schools in Hinduism.


It helps raise consciousness through physical and mental techniques.


Our experience of the world depends largely on the health of our nervous system, which is influenced by our environment, our genetic traits, and the foods we eat. Yoga exercises strengthen and purify our nervous system.


In this way, it becomes possible for us to interact with the world by perceiving it more consciously and with a positive attitude and clearly.

Yoga purifies our three bodies (physical, mental and spiritual) and brings us into balance.

So we can be healthy.

Yoga is the best system that leads people to wholeness, health, happiness and enlightenment.

Yoga also means the union of body, mind and soul.

When we practice yoga, we bring the mind, body and soul into a single, harmoniously fused unit.

The body is the concrete manifestation of the soul.

Working on the body through yoga connects us to our soul.

allows passing.

Emotional, physical and mental obstacles that prevent us from seeing our essence

unties knots.

This process allows our essence to shine through and reveal all

It allows it to illuminate our existence.

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