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Saadet Sözen hakkında. Özgeçmiş. CV.

Hi there

Graduated from Gazi University-Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences-Department of Economics, 
He completed his master's degree in the Monetary Policy department of the same university.

He started his corporate career at the Central Bank in 2000. In this process, he worked and worked as a manager in important institutions, especially the Undersecretariat of Treasury, Oyak Bank and ING Bank.  

He has been working as a Branch Manager at Ziraat Bank since 2013. 
He has received many trainings in areas such as finance, accounting, banking, portfolio management, and he has CMB Licensing Certificate and Private Pension Intermediation Certificate. He is fluent in English and intermediate in German.

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Saadet Sözen

He attended many trainings during the personal transformation and awareness process that started in 2012. 
These include trainings on the Ancient Teachings from valuable names such as Kabuljan Murzaev, Cem Şen, Halise Baydar and Sintia Mazon;
Authorship studies at Yeşim Cimcöz's Authorship Workshop;
He received Transformel Breathing Technique and Holotherapy Breathing Training from Mustafa Kartal.

Since 2018, she has started to attend Raja Yoga trainings of Adnan Çabuk, the founder of Yoga Foundation. He completed the Siddashram Yoga Instructor Program (SYEK) and earned the Siddashram Yoga Center approved “Yoga Alliance RYT 200” specialization certificate. He has completed the Breathing Seminars of Nefes Education Research Association (NEAD) and has a Breath Coaching certificate. 
In 2019, she received Kundalini Yoga Instructor Training from Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa at Golden Bridge Yoga Center in India.

He received advanced Kundalini Yoga training from Simrit Sarit Maor in 2021.  

The founder of Sakura Transformation Center & Ida Publishing, Sözen is a practitioner of consultancy, mentoring, healthy nutrition consultancy, breathing coaching, Access Bars, Theta Healinig, Reiki and Bioenergy apart from management.  

He touches lives through Raja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. It serves itself and humanity in the way of Sufism and unity. In his own way of life, he is both a student and a teacher.


You can contact me to get information about the courses.

0532 366 66 08

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