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Practice Anytime, Anywhere.

You can attend Yoga Classes from the Studio or Zoom Online at Sakura Transformation Center .

Studio Terms of use for instructors

0532 366 66 08

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0532 366 66 08

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Sakura Transformation Center is the retreat within the city, the place where body and soul will be regenerated and transformed.

Along with physically relaxing lesson programs such as Yoga, Pilates and Sports, it also helps you with spiritual relaxing lessons such as Meditation, Purification and Therapy through Professional trainers.

Our lessons

Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Dance, Music, Sports, Access Bars, Reiki, Breath, Astrology, Authoring Workshop,

Art Workshop, Book Club, Memory Techniques, Purification, Conversation, Gluten Free Foods, Healthy Living,

Healthy eating...


The philosophy of yoga is to listen to yourself. Therefore, when deciding which yoga to do, it is necessary to find out your expectations from yoga, what you need and the area that interests you.


Meditation is a spiritual purification technique practiced in many cultures and religions. With the work of alertness and concentration, the person collects himself and rests his mind and soul. In Eastern cultures, meditation is considered a deep-rooted and consciousness-raising technique. The state of consciousness awakening is called differently according to each belief.


Although the effect of a sport varies from person to person, the effect time is low because pilates is a versatile and intense sport. Even after you leave the first demo class in Pilates, you start to feel different. You breathe better, you feel like you are standing more upright.

Sakura Cafe

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Let's meet at Sakura Cafe withgluten-free foods .

Studio Use for Instructors 0532 366 66 08

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