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Specialization Program

Sakura Transformation Centre
200-Hour Basic Yoga Speciality Training - September 2023/January 2024
Saadet Sözen (RYT-200) and Duygu Cooke (E-RYT 500)
Yoga Alliance Approved 200-Hour Basic Yoga Expertise Programme

Training Dates 2023
30 September - 01 October
Oct: 14-15 / 28-29
Nov: 11-12 / 25-26
December: 09-10 / 23-24

Ocak: 06-07


(The date and place of the retreat will be announced later).

Meeting Hours: Friday 20:00-22:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00
Meeting Place: Sakura Transformation Center, Suadiye

Education fee:
  14,000  TL cash (Excluding VAT)  

Participation in studio classes is not included in the tuition fee.  
Training participants receive a 20 percent discount for 3, 6, and 12-month memberships. This discount continues on all your memberships after the training.  

For detailed information: 0 532 366 66 08  

Retreat travel and accommodation fees are not included in the tuition fee. 

About Education 
This study is the 200-hour Basic Yoga Specialization Program. Classical Yoga will be taught in detail during the program.   

Students will learn methods of practicing and teaching classical Yoga postures, supportive breathing and meditation techniques.  

Students who graduate from the training will have a 200-hour international Yoga Alliance certificate and will be able to give Yoga classes at the Basic Level. 

The 160-hour part of this 200-hour training includes theoretical and practical studies with experts; The remaining 40 hours are seclusion.  

Saadet Sözen and Dolunay Varol are two experienced Yoga instructors trained at an international level.  

Our experts will share their knowledge and experience throughout this program with anyone who wants to include Yoga in their daily life, who continues their studies on the path of Yoga, who has an international level of Yoga experience, who wants to deepen their Yoga practice and teach Yoga.  

Graduates of the Specialization Program will be able to teach and teach Yoga all over Turkey and the world.

Purpose of the Program
• In the 200-hour Basic Yoga Specialization Program, students can adapt classical Yoga postures to physical fitness. 
They will learn yoga poses and methods of practicing and teaching them, with supportive breathing and meditation techniques.  

• They will learn the history and philosophy of yoga.  

• They will get information about the anatomy of yoga.  

• Participants will be able to develop their awareness with Yoga philosophy and asanas that support each other from the first day. 

Who Can Attend the Training? 
• Those who want to add Yoga and philosophy of life to their lives,  

• Those who want to improve themselves and deepen their knowledge as a curious Yoga student,  

• Making Yoga Instructor's profession as a profession and in the Yoga studio with an internationally valid certificate, 
Those who want to teach in the gym or individually.  


• Participation in training meetings on the specified dates. It is important to be on time to the meetings during the program and it is mandatory to attend all meetings unless there is a critical situation.

• In addition to the meeting time at the weekend, 200 hours will be completed with seclusion, 10 lessons of observation internship and reporting, 10 lessons of internship and reporting, in addition to these, readings and assignments given during the lessons.

• Readings and assignments must be completed by the end of the process. Assignments will be evaluated by experts.


Content of the Training 
• Definition and history of yoga
• Yoga philosophy
• Yoga masters
• Yoga schools
• Basic asana practices
• Basic alignment and rules in yoga asanas
• Details that reinforce the practice of Asana, Kiryas, Mudras, Bandhas
• Human body anatomy and physiology
• Chakras
• Anatomy of yoga postures
• Meridians and Fascial structure
• Pranayama (Breathing) techniques
• Pratyahara (Introversion) techniques
• Dharana (Concentration) techniques
• Dhayana (Meditation) techniques
• Wellness guidance
• Ayurvedic nutrition
• Training Methodology

  - Teaching Techniques 
  - Qualifications that a yoga instructor should have 
  - Lesson planning and preparing creative flows 
  - Communication skills  

  Principles of observing, correcting and touching postures

• Use of voice and body language


This training also includes training masterclasses with the participation of experienced Yoga teachers.

Relevant details will be announced later.

For detailed information and registration:

Sakura Transformation Center, Suadiye
0 532 366 66 08 

Online Yoga Uzmanlık Eğitimi

Bu eğitimi bitiren öğrenciler alacakları Alliance onaylı sertifika ile uluslararası eğitim verebilecekler.

Ayrıntılı bilgi için bizimle iletişime geçin. 

0532 366 66 08

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